Television Club Member - Blessing Plan

                The Media Ministries was first started way back in the year 1972 through FEBA; and now we reach the highest number of people through the Television Ministry, we have more than 1768 television programmes in 8 major languages through which, an estimated 90 million people are being blessed by these programmes.
                To sustain the massive explosion of Gospel through the electronic media, one needs huge amount of money to produce and get it broadcasted over popular channels. Meeting the expense for this has always been a big challenge. It was at this point of time that the TV Club was started to bring blessings to the people through their sacrificial offerings. The total cost for a single program in a channel for just about half an hour comes to over (Indian) Rs.75,000/- apart from the production cost, equipment cost, filming-set costs etc.

  • Every Jesus Calls TV Club Member is presented with a TV club Badge.
  • Special Prayers are offered by the Dhinakarans. Prayers are offered by Prayer Warriors in the 24 Hours Prayer Tower for the benefit of the Club Members.
  • Special privileges during "Jesus Calls" Campaigns.

Join the TV Club! Share with us in sharing the Gospel with millions!
Kindly contribute to support this cause through your sincere prayers and
generous donations.