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Help us Heal The Hurting World :
                The Jesus Calls Ministry has been serving humanity by spreading the love and compassion of Christ through its 21 facets. The Lord has been more than faithful in enabling the Ministry to conduct at least 12 major miracle crusades every year in India and in various other countries.
                 We are reaching out to an estimated 15 million people through these meetings every year. We have a total of more than 1800 Television programmes/month in 13 major languages through which, an estimated 90 million people are being blessed. We have 3 FM Radio Programmes in India, Srilanka and Canada. Besides this, an average of 36,000 people are being blessed through our Internet ministry daily. And the number is increasing... day by day...
                It's not we, but by the grace of God you who have made this possible! Your sacrificial donations and sincere prayers made the difference! As our Lord opens new avenues to minister His Word and share His love, our needs are also on the rise. That is why, we are hard pressed to make this appeal to you. Kindly contribute to support this cause through your sincere prayers and generous donations. We still have a big world to reach out... to be healed... millions of lives to be rebuilt... innumerable eyes awaiting for us to wipe away their tears.

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Jesus Calls Canada
1029, McNicoll Avenue, Toronto,
OnM1W3W6, Ontario, Canada.
Telephone: 416 385 7576