Family Blessing Plan

A Divine Plan For Family Blessing :
                Jesus Calls Family Blessing Plan has been started with a divine vision given by God to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to pray for the blessing and prosperity of those who are to be settled in family life (Psalms 68: 6) and for the members of an existing family (Psalms 115: 12-15). This plan will provide a strong spiritual covering for each and every member of the family of a partner thro’ the everlasting love and compassion of God as the family of the Dhinakarans and the Prayer Warriors of the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower cover them with prayers to the Lord.

Why this plan ?
                Family is the bedrock of our society. But this glorious institution is facing serious threats today as found in II Timothy 3:1-5, whereby the following situations prevail everywhere.

  • Families are becoming nuclear,
  • To raise Prayer Intercessors who pray and serve with compassion.
  • Diminishing natural affection within relationships
  • Unbearable financial commitments of families leading to misunderstandings
  • Employed spouses hardly finding any time to spend with their family
  • Incompatibility between husband and wife
  • Lack of communication between family members due to media influence or due to working in different places and no time for family prayers.
  • Young children growing without parental care and guidance
  • Children facing many temptations and snares through media
  • Constant prayer support is very essential for every family to be protected from the dangers and threats of modern life
  • Apart from this parents are finding it hard to find the right partner for one's son or daughter. The youth suffer from the same difficulty to find a Godly partner. So all the more prayers are needed for them.