A Divine Plan For Business Blessing :
"When my fishing business failed, health deteriorated and my finances dwindled, I visited the Bangalore Prayer Tower and enrolled in the Business Blessing Plan. The prayer intercessors prayed for my situation with much burden. The Lord has worked miracles and transformed my life. I experienced drastic improvement in my health which allowed me to go back to fishing. Last year, a person little known to me offered me partnership in his fishing business. I began to prosper financially resulting in all debts being repaid, gold being redeemed, and being blessed with our own house. Our daughter is scheduled to be married next month. What a great Jesus we have. He has turned our sorrow into joy."

Jesudas is one among more than 60,000 Business Blessing Plan partners who have decided to make Jesus Christ as their mentor to conduct business not only to earn a livelihood and support their families, but also to be a channel of blessing to the millions of broken-hearted people around the world.

Ministry-round-the-clock telephone prayer tower services, counseling prayer from 8am to 8pm at 108 Prayer Towers, Web and Social media ministry, TV ministry reaching over 10 million households through over 470 programs each month across 22 channels in 9 different languages. The Lord revealed the Business Blessing Plan to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran in January 2007, to pray for people who were already involved in business, or were making a decision to do so. The "Business Blessing Meetings" are held regularly at all our Prayer Towers. We pray for partners enrolled in this plan, as well as their businesses, to provide spiritual nurture, to build their faith through the testimonies shared by the "Business Blessings Plan" partners.


  • Prayers by the Dhinakarans and prayer intercessors at the Prayer Towers and 24 hour chain prayer
  • Participate and be blessed through the Business Blessing Meeting held at Prayer Tower locations either on Saturday (7 pm) or Sunday (2 pm) Check for details at the nearest Prayer Tower in your location.
  • Invitation to be part of the Professionals and Network India (PENI) to be launched soon to create a platform for all businesses to interact, share best practices and work together.
  • Your prayer requests will be forwarded to me and my family members through e- mails and internet wherever we may be at that time, even to farthest corner of this world and whatever may be the time for laying our hands and praying for them.
  • Invitations to participate and showcase your businesses and products / services at various events of Jesus Calls
  • This "Business Blessing Plan" is going to be a great shelter and protection for you. Our mighty God will guide and guard all those who join this plan.